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Payment: All payments are final and non-refundable. Your spot can be transferred, but not at the organization or expense of ALL Embracing Our Roots Retreats (including The Natural Hair Retreat) Hosted by Donique J of UnConventional by Donique J. The staff will, to their best ability, assist in transferring your spot to another Attendee. If no arrangements are made prior to your Retreat date, you forfeit all payments and rights to any byproducts of the Retreat. 


By paying your deposit you agree to complete the payment of your ticket in full prior to LISTED DUE DATE FOR YOUR RETREAT DATES If you cannot attend you are still contractually obligated to complete your payment. Monthly payment plans are a courtesy and should be treated as such. If you are late completing  payments more than 1 time without prior approval you forfeit your payment plan and will be required to pay your balance in full within 2 weeks from your last scheduled payment date. If your balance is not paid within 2 weeks you will forfeit your spot. If you cannot attend you are required to continue paying your monthly payments until your spot has been transferred. The only exception is if your remaining balance is waived, due to emergencies, health reasons, or any other approved reason (please refer to Payment section). **Promotions do not qualify for refunds under any circumstances.


You also agree to abide by the guidelines of The Embracing Our Roots Retreats and its staff. 


Severe Weather: In the event of severe weather conditions, the Retreat will NOT be held responsible. We will reschedule the event as soon as it is safe. In the event that it cannot be rescheduled within a year from the Retreat date your funds will be refunded minus your deposit. 

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